Marketing Services

In today’s economic environment we are finding that close to 90% of the clients that we work with are under some type of financial stress and aren’t bringing in an adequate volume of new business. Some have given up on promotional actions after wasting money on failed campaigns. Others have promotional actions that do generate new business, but they only trickle out the promo under some misguided idea that they need to save money. The underlying problem in each of these cases is a lack of understanding in marketing basics and survey technology.

“Intelligent promotion” is named as such because it’s based on sure-fire actions and a sound understanding of marketing basics.

It starts with the use of proven promotional actions that have worked in the past for the business. These past successful actions are analyzed to better understand the circumstances and reasons why they were effective. The campaigns are updated to fit current conditions and enhanced to yield even better performance.

We then go back to marketing basics. We identify target markets, we survey for buttons and positioning, do a competitive analysis, come up with the right marketing message to the target market with a unique selling proposition, we identify the right media for communicating the message (usually an integrated multi-media approach) and we develop a full program for lead follow-up, relationship building and closing sales.

Its marketing basics that incorporate both online and offline solutions integrated to yield optimal results.

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