Performance Boosters

We address several areas of performance including executive efficiency, business and employee productivity as well as financial planning metrics for things like marketing.

“Executive overload” is a term we use for a business owner or executive who, by choice or by circumstances, is swamped with work that should be done by someone else. They may be unwilling to turn these functions over for fear that they won’t be done as well by someone else. Maybe these are problems that have been inherited from a junior who isn’t willing or isn’t capable of doing the work themselves.

One of the owner or executive’s primary role in running the business is to come up with new ideas and to create the future. They establish the goals and policy, formulate strategic plans and get others to work. They are responsible for the company’s profitability, growth and overall well-being. The smaller the business the more difficult it is to just exclusively wear these hats.

There is a rule called the 80/20 rule. Less than 20% of the work that an owner or executive does generate more than 80% of the production and income of the business. It’s not to say that the other things that they’re doing aren’t necessary, it’s just that they don’t produce a high return on investment. If these less productive activities could be done elsewhere the executive would have less stress and be left with more free time to focus on the areas of the business where he or she can have the biggest impact.

Our executive performance booster service analyzes all of the traffic being handled by the executive, assesses what activities yield the highest rate of return and which activities should be offloaded. The offloaded activities are either delegated to another employee, outsourced, automated or eliminated. The result is a much more effective executive who can now focus on creating future prosperity.

If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed. This applies to any post in an organization or any business investment. All employees can and should have a means of measuring their production. All marketing campaigns should be tracked to measure their return on investment.

Our metric management system is used to monitor and manage employee productivity and marketing return on investment. Exact formulas can then apply to the specific statistical condition for each area of the business to improve performance.

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