Sales Training

Salesmanship is one of the most important things to learn if you want to be successful. It’s not the idea that makes you rich; it’s the ability to sell the idea that makes you rich. Having the best product won’t guarantee that you will make it. There are plenty of great products out there on the shelves just collecting dust.

In the current economic environment people have a lot of attention on having “no money”. From a sales viewpoint, “no money” is a false datum. The person who is telling you that is basically telling you that they have no money for you. They feel like they have to be selective. They aren’t going to spend as much money as they used to. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to stop spending money. If you accept that as a legitimate objection you are in trouble.

Every one of us is still spending money. Not as much as before. We are waiting to see what will happen.

It is a proven fact that over 70% of customers who decide to buy from a sales person, do so because they like him/her; they respect him/her and they feel safe giving them their money.

What is the biggest difference between top salespeople and others? It doesn’t lie in their knowledge of the product. It doesn’t lie in the closing techniques they are applying. It lies in their ability to understand what’s going on in the customers mind. This is what is called the “human factor” in selling. It’s the biggest factor. When the customer says, “I have to think about it” the top sales person knows exactly what that means.

Selling never happens in the logical band. It has much more to do with how the person feels about buying. Some logical reasons to buy may get the customer to listen to you, but when it comes to making the decision to buy, emotions always prevail.

There is a natural cycle of selling that will lead a customer to buy from you. It can be taught and mastered to make anyone into a more effective salesperson.

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